■ Howling Stone ■

North/North and West/West/South/East

Room Name(E'ci) Mob Name Common Drop Rare Drop URare Drop
North Bile Sentinent Mucilagenous Girdle Stein of Tears Melodious Truncheon
the Crypt Keeper Sigil the Calender
Fayguard Parrying Dagger
Siren Scale Robe  
A Crypt Wurm Mask of Wurm Ebonwood Cudgel  
North and West the Golem Master Scorpikus Claw Impaler Kylong Boots  
the Spectre Sepulchre Kylong Arm Guards Adamantite Club  
West the Skeletal Procurator Broken Sacrificial Dagger
Kylong Chestplate
Mask of Obtenebration Rapier of Oriin
South the Crypt Feaster Fire Opal Blood Point Steel Hilted Flint Dagger
A Crypt Spectre Golden Bracer Sash of the Dragon Born Jagged Edge Longsword
embalming fluid Enshrouded Viel Fingerbone Hoop Hand of the Reaper
the Skeleton Sepulchre Kylong War Helm Warding Star  
the Spectre Spirualist Kylong Wrist Grards Kylong Greaves  
East the Crypt Excavator Sarnak Hide Girdle Helot Skull Helm  
Howling Spectre Adamantite Armband Obtenebrate Short Sword Rod of Faith
Mortiferous Protector Elder Spiritist's boots    
Reanimated Plaguebone Gem Enlaid Band Kunzar Hex Amulet Gravebinder
the Undertaker Lord Kylong Gauntlets    
Drussila Sathir Rod of Oblations Runed Morning Star Necklace of Superiority
Sathir's Phylactery
Random Drop Bile Golem Glob of Gooey Goo
Skeleton   Rot Bone Sleeves Rot Bone Bracer
Pyre Golems   Dusty Rusted Shackles Dusty Rusted Armband