■ City of Mist ■

Black Reaver/1F/2F/Sky Temple/Named Mob/Random Drop

Room Name(E'ci) Mob Name Common Drop Rare Drop URare Drop
BR Black Reaver   Jade Reaver Axe of Lost Souls
Green Jade Broadsword
Shimmering Partisan
1F Lord Ghiosk Mace of the Shadowed Soul Throneblade of the Ykesha  
2F Lord Rak'Ashiir Ornate Rune Blade Atramentous Shield  
Sky Temple Neh'Ashiir Ornate Rune Shield
Key of Torsis
Woodsman's Staff  
Random Drop gyrating goo Wintry Club
greater plaguebone Lost Staff of the Scorned
a Wraith Master Wu's Trance Stick