■ Tower of Frozen Shadow ■


Room Name(E'ci) Mob Name Common Drop Rare Drop URare Drop
1F a large undead gnoll Crystal Key    
2F an angry libarian Student's Homework
Three Toothed Key
Teacher's Syllabus  
3F an enraged shadow beast Finely Crafted Velium Ring
Frosty key
4F Cara Omica Small rusty key Embalmers Skinning Knife Magnetic Dirk of Distraction
Narmak Berreka   Frost Covered Tome  
5F an enraged relative Velium Spiked Skull Helm
Bone finger key
Daman   Rune Etched Wedding Band Laced Veil
Nosja   Ceremonial Wedding Sword Diamond Wedding Band
6F Vhal`Sera Vhal`Sera Skull Earring
Large metal key
7F Tserrina Harnessed soul gem
Tserrina's Key
Tserrina's Symbol Tserrina's Staff Tserrina's Robe